Details & Next Steps

The 2024 Momentum Awards has several phases, from nominations to winner amplification. Learn what to expect & how to get involved below.

Review the Award Phases & Key Dates

Get a deeper understanding on what to expect as we near the awards ceremony in September by understanding what the awards processes includes:

Nominations | 5.28.24 - 6.12.24 | We will open to receive nomination submissions
Finalist Selection | 6.26.24 - 7.7.24 | Judges will evaluate the submissions
Voting | 7.29.24 - 8.16.24 | Finalists will be announced and a voting period will begin
Pitching | 8.2.24 | Finalists for the Rising Star and Momentum Award will pitch to 1871 Board
Winners Announcement | 9.19.24 | The awards ceremony will take place
Winner Amplification | 1871 will continue to promote your win to our community & press

Nomination Submission Steps & Requirements

Note, all nominations will be accepted through this platform, only. Please review the following to ensure you can successfully & easily contribute to our nominations phase.

1. Go to the awards overview on our event page & do a deep dive: Select an award, review criteria of eligibility, and select a nominee & prepare key information to be able to make a case for their nomination.

2. To start your nomination, create an account & fill out the nomination form.

Nominations Info Session

6.6.24 | Virtual
6.7.24 | Virtual