CityLIGHTS Award

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Nominations will open Tuesday, May 28 and must be submitted no later than Wednesday, June 12, 2023.

CityLIGHTS Award:

Presented to the growth-stage company, (more than $25 million in revenue) that, through innovation in products, services, or business model, has grown to become a serious competitor in the marketplace and serve as a beacon to the Chicago tech community.

Judging & Award Criteria:

  1. Industry, regional, or national reputation
  2. Proven track record of long-standing partnerships with customers, as demonstrated by customer retention that exceeds industry norms
  3. Investment in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts and commitment to advancing the STEM pipeline in Chicago

This category is open to technology companies only. Entrant companies must be located in, or have their North American HQ based in, Illinois in order to qualify.


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